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AI-powered personalised children's stories app

Q-Chat 86

Q-Chat is Quizlet's AI used to help make learning fun and easy with more than just flashcards.

Quriosity 199

The first-ever AI-powered course creator for personalized learning

The GodChat 21

Your personal God AI assistant on WhatsApp

TreeMind 33

Enhance your learning and work efficiency with AI-generated mind maps

EducatorLab 17

Streamline lesson planning and improve student outcomes with Educator Lab

Polyglot Media 7

Create comprehensive English lesson plans effortlessly 23

EVITA is your personal singing teacher, voice nerd, and thespian, powered by AI

DeAP Learning Labs 47

Boost AP US & World History skills with free AI-powered tutor chatbots.

Paperclips 28

Autogenerate high-quality flashcards from your PDFs and save hundreds of hours. 93

Accelerate Your Learning with AI-Powered Book Insights

Learnly 22

Learnly is an innovative homeschooling platform that simplifies creating personalized lesson plans and curriculums.

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